On trail days, we air down our tires to increase the footprint on the surface and, therefore, get extra traction. It is a two-step process as airing down implies airing back up after the trail. There are several good tire inflation systems out there, such as Power Tank-style tanks, compressors, modified air conditioning compressors, or the very popular and famous “pass me your Power Tank, mine is empty!” No matter what you use, it will be limited to the amount of air your valve can let in given its diameter.

You have a Tinder date or have promised your partner that you would be back early… Well, Monster Valves can save you a few seconds!

Monster Valves are oversized aluminum valve stems. Their large size allows for a greater volume of air per second to pass through, thus saving you time – if your inflation system can supply, of course. According to the manufacturer Power Tank, it is possible to air up a 40 x 13.50 tire up 35 psi in less than 30 seconds, and air up that same tire in 50-60 seconds with an efficient inflation system. As you can see in the picture below, the concept is that all components are oversized to let more air in (or out). You can also notice the core tool on the cap to remove the valve core for a much higher in/out airflow – instead of using your keys!

The installation is relatively easy. When you order your kit, you get the necessary information on drill and tap sizes. The installation consists of two simple steps: marking and drilling the new hole, then tapping threads that will allow screwing the new valve stem in place.

Before drilling your wheel, it is good to know that the new valve stems are bigger, and if you have beadlocks, it will be difficult or even impossible to inflate the tires with your standard tire inflator.

You will need an elbow adapter that will allow you to reach the valve. Some people prefer to drill out the preexisting valve stem hole, but others prefer to drill a new hole and keep the original valve stem. The latter’s advantage allows you to still fill your tires up the good old way if you happen to forget your adapter.

So, the fairly simple installation and benefits for inflating/deflating your tires (which are often oversized, too) make this system a good candidate for a little weekend project on your rig!

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