Rough and Tough, A successful first edition

Rough and Tough.

This year, a new competition found its way on the circuit.  This new competition being the Rough and Tough at Purcell’s in Nova Scotia.  Numerous competitors from Quebec hit the road and travelled long hours in order to participate.

The races began on schedule and the entire day went off without a hitch.  The track was both fun and challenging to manoeuvre and forced the drivers to take a strategic approach.  A well-adjusted suspension was needed to clear the difficult obstacles and the distance between the obstacles gave the more powerful vehicles a chance to eat up precious seconds. The spectators were treated to an entertaining show.  The show even included some rather quirky breakdowns as one participant lost their transfer case mid track!

The winners in the Small Class Competition were Daniel L’Écuyer from Quebec, Colin Bouthillier and Robert Simon from Nova Scotia.  In the Big Class Competition, our host, Shawn Purcell, took top honors followed by Daniel Giguere (Dream Machine) and Yanick Ouellet (Y-Through).

The scorching heat did not prevent either participants or volunteers from putting on a compelling show.  Finally, we would like to thank Shawn, Bridget and their entire team for the warm welcome to Nova Scotia and for an outright memorable experience.  No doubt, many will return for next year’s second edition.

Crédit photo : Shannon Hartlen

Judy-Ann Ruel collaboratrice 4x4setupMagazine

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